Ion Networking Data Back Up Services and Notifications

Here at Ion Networking we are always monitoring your company’s environment and data storage needs. Backup is one of those very important items that we need to stay on top of.

If you selected one of our recommended backup options which includes Mozy, Datto, IoSafe or Azure, Ion Networking services will include, doing the initial set up and training, monitor your backup daily to ensure it was successful, and cost of the storage space your backup uses.

Please be aware that unless you have Ion Assurance for Servers (Premium) support in place on the server doing the backups, Backup Services will not include test restores or repairs of the back up after the initial installation. If we do not see a successful backup within the past 48 hrs. we will notify you by phone or email. If we do not hear from you the backup will remain in its current state until we are authorized to make corrections.

The most common cause of back up failure is lack of space. If you have selected Mozy Enterprise as your backup, we configure your back up to send you an alert when your backup is at 95%. We will also notify you by email or phone. Other than you getting this notification, your backup services won’t change. (here is a sample of what the email would look like)

This is a notification from Ion Networking regarding your Mozy backup. We’d like to inform you that when your storage space reaches 95% or more on your Mozy backup you will need to review the data on your server or pc that is receiving the backup. This should allow you sufficient time to review your Mozy storage to either remove unnecessary files or have the option to purchase additional storage space.

We are monitoring your backup files and will continue to do so. If you have not contacted us by the time your data storage reaches 98 % we will automatically increase your storage space by 10GB to prevent any backup failures due to lack of storage space. This will add an additional monthly cost to your current subscription.

Prompt and efficient communication between us is essential for keeping your costs down and your data accessible.