A Departing Employee

  1. When do you want the employee’s access terminated?
  2. What do they have access to?
    • Remote from Home?
    • Do they only have access from inside office?
    • Do they have drobox, OneDrive, google drive?
  3. Email
    • Do you want their email Disabled? (the mailbox will not receive any new emails)
    • Do you just want us to change password and someone else can start checking the email? (you can do this one as well as forward their email to someone else)
    • Do you want us to delete mailbox? (this will permanently delete all their email). If you choose this option, emails can’t be forwarded and you still have to pay for the mailbox until permanently deleted.
    • Do you want us to remote wipe their phone?
      • This procedure will clear all data on the mobile phone, including installed applications, photos, and personal information.