Managed Services Packages

A Managed Services agreement provides the most comprehensive support and offers by far the best value for most small or medium-sized businesses. Managed Services let you focus on running your business while the Managed Services Package acts as your IT department and takes care of all those pesky help desk issues and IT problems. A Managed Services agreement also ensures that your IT infrastructure gets regular attention, stays current with updates and maintenance activities, and gets restored to operation quickly if something fails. Your infrastructure that forms the central nervous system of your business deserve that kind of attention.


  • We do not monitor the alerts, they are all forward to a designated IT person on Clients site
  • We will install the agents and setup the portal, but this package is meant for a company with their own inhouse IT staff


  • Monitor Server/workstation Health
  • Monitor Server/workstation Performance
  • Anti-Virus Monitoring (AVG)
  • Backup Job Monitoring (Datto, IOSafe, Mozy)
  • Monitor Event Logs
  • Alerts for dying hard drives and Bad Memory
  • Alerts for Processes or Memory that are pegged High
  • Alerts for Services not starting or stopping
  • Updates of Microsoft Security Updates and Critical Updates
  • Clean up Active Directory
  • Resolution of Hardware issues (This is your computer box, base, keyboard, monitor)
  • Resolution of Operating System issues (Windows)
  • Operation system updates, Reconfiguration and Admin


  • Everything in Enhanced
  • AVG Enterprise anti-virus
  • Resolution of Application issues
  • Server DNS, DHCP, Reconfiguration, and Admin
  • Active Directory updates, adds, moves, and changes
  • Resolution of Network connectivity issues (workstations) (Your computers connection to network)
  • Resolution of Peripheral Connectivity issues (workstations) (Your scanner, printer, touch pad, etc.)
  • Resolution of Application issues (the following applications)

Server Applications

Note that Windows Small Business Server 2008 and Exchange Server 2007 are no longer supported

  • Windows Advanced Services
    • Active Directory
    • IIS
    • IAS
    • Terminal Services
    • Licensing Services
    • Certificate Authority
  • SQL Server 2012 and higher (Does not include database management services)
  • Exchange 2010 and higher
  • SharePoint
  • Silverlight

Desktop Applications

Note: Windows XP and Office 2007 are no longer be supported

  1. Office 2010 or Higher
    • Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, Publisher, Visio, and Project
  2. All Adobe browser add-ins (Reader, Flash, Air, Shockwave)
  3. Internet Explorer 11 and higher
  4. Google Chrome
  5. Firefox 47 and higher
  6. Apple iTunes, QuickTime
  7. Windows Media Player
  8. QuickTime
  9. Anti-Virus – Maintenance and scheduling of anti-virus
    • Avast
    • Sophos
    • Removal of Viruses is billable by time to remove and recover users and network

Please email us at or give us a call 207-318-7609 if you would like to hear more about our service agreement offerings.