Setting up a New User

  1. Notify Ion Networking 4 or 5 days before employee starts
  2. Send Ion info on employee
    • Full Name
    • Day, they will start
    • What you want their login to be on the network (example: First name, Last name, or first initial last name)
    • What you want their email to be (example: Firstname@(YourCompanyName) .com/org/net, Lastname@(YourCompanyName).com/org/net, or firstinitiallastname@(YourCompanyName).com/org/net
      • Do they need spam filtering?
      • Do they need email encryption?
    • Password for both email and network (we do not store these passwords)
  3. What they will need access too. Examples:
    • VPN (remote access from home)
    • Terminal server (If you have a server that everyone remotes into from outside)
    • OneDrive /dropbox
    • Install of office 2016 /office 365
    • Anti-virus
    • Mapped drives (Shares that they need to connect to)
    • What Printers do they need to be connected to?
    • Other:
  4. Do you want them to have local admin rights to their PC (full control of their pc to change or add anything they want)?
  5. Do we need to setup any equipment for this new employee, if so what?
    • Examples
      • PC /Laptop
      • Monitors / how many
      • Battery backup
      • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse