PC Tune-Up and Optimization

Is your computer running slow?

Our Computer Tune Up service is designed to optimize your computer for peak performance today and perform the preventive maintenance required to keep your computer running great in the future.
Service is a flat rate repair, “clean-up”, computer performance optimization and virus malware removal.
We will verify that you are secure and we can recommend an antivirus if you don’t have one.

Cost for this service is $125.00 and includes:


  • Virus-Spyware-Malware-Adware complete removal.
  • Remove trial ware, adware and other unwanted software.
  • Anti-virus software checkup to make sure it is updated and working properly.

Disk Performance & Cleanup

  • Check Disk performance, disk errors checked & repaired.
  • Disk cleanup – remove accumulated junk, duplicate files cleaned out.
  • Computers registry, cleaned, and optimized for computer performance.


  • Browsers stored history cleaned & settings adjusted.
  • Internet browser checkup and upgrade if required.
  • Chrome or Firefox internet browser installed.

Temporary Data

  • Temporary data file cleanup.

Optimize System Start-Up

  • System start-up & Services programs checked & tweaked for maximum computer performance.
  • Memory usage checked – “AutoRuns & Process Explorer” used to analyze system.
    • Optimize running processes to free up memory and speed up computer.

CPU Check

  • Computer cpu temperature checked, overheating will cause a slow down.
  • Internal case (desktops) cleaned – system boards, power supply, vents & cooling fans.

Operating System

  • Hardware drivers checked for updates & installed.
    1. Operating System checked for updates & installed.
    2. Install all critical Windows updates and service packs.
    3. Hard drive optimized, defragmented for maximum performance.

No Macs Please
We will not do computer diagnostics on your Mac pc or Mac laptop.

PC clean-up is done in our shop only.
You must be able to drop off and pick up your pc at our location.
Payment is due upon completion and/or pick up.