Secure Wireless Networks

Because of the increasing popularity of wireless networks, there is an increasing need for security. Unlike wired networks, wireless networks can be easily hacked from outside of your building unless the proper security measures are in place. Wireless network security is of paramount importance!

You wouldn’t leave your premises unlocked and yet leaving your wireless network open is doing exactly this! An insecure wireless network allows anyone in the vicinity to attach to your wireless network. Once they are on your wireless network they have access to your file servers, databases, email servers, etc.

Even if they are secured, the hacker has a foot in the door and can work on stealing and abusing your network resources even if it is only your internet bandwidth.

Ask us about our Ion Service Assurance for Network Security

Includes but not limited to:

  • Base Management Services
    • Device monitoring and troubleshooting, device configuration and backup, firmware updates, admin configuration changes, configuration and management of site-to-site and client-to-site VPN’s. 
  • Unified Threat Management Services
    • Configuration and management of anti-virus, anti-spam, web filtering, application control, IDS/IPS, WAN-optimization services.
    • Monthly statistical reporting analysis (with cloud subscription), external and internal scan of network for vulnerabilities.
    • Anti-malware, anti-virus and web protection
    • Device encryption, mobile management, web traffic control
  • Employee Awareness
    • Interactive phishing platform and simulations
    • Ethical hacking: External, internal and wireless attempt to break in
    • Employee Awareness Training